Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I can't get to sleep.

I can't go to sleep, and I can't think to eat,
can't welcome in tomorrow, cos today keeps dragging on,
The sunrise and the sunsets, just blur on into one,
and I can't get to smiling, since she's been gone.

Does she remember me, it hasn't been that long,
Is there a picture of us in our prime, that spills into her mind,
when she hears, some sad melancholy song?

Yesterday I saw a face, and I thought she was you,
I was sat there in the place, that we both used to,
the thoughts in my head, I try to drown them in drink,
but they just rise to the top and its all I can think...

she's all I think about

We said always and forever, but it was never meant to last,
sitting up in our bed with my head in my hands,
that love is jsut a picture, a reminder of the past,
and it wreaks of Heaven, a promise I've known,
and I'm going down there, where the Devil may care.