Thursday, 3 June 2010

Get well Simone. Long may you run.

A couple of months back deep in the thrawl of the easy day's of student life, I woke up around 3P.M, maybe still drunk from the day before. I put music on almost right away to fill the room, and clumsily, still not fully awake, turned on my laptop. and was struck right away with a shock that cut through me. not literally. all electrics were fine. but figuratively. Simone Felice, a man who's music has affected me no end. Whose books set me to thinking about certain things in a whole new way, books I've praised to almost everyone who's been to my house. And a man who on meeting was one of the most enigmatic yet nicest folks I's met. Had been rushed to Hostpital in Albany N.Y for emergency heart surgery. Fucksticks.

I was struck by how affected I was by the news. it was an instant kick to the gut. as though hearing a close friend or family member was in the same situation. an overwhelming sense of 'fuck, I hope to God he's alright'. An unexpected heaviness. Maybe one of the reasons for feeling that way was the knowing of how many people Felice's music and assorted paraphernalia of books and poetry have affected. and helped. and will continue to affect and help. To lose a beautiful soul like that would always be a damn shame. and with Felice one gets a real sense of there being great things yet to come. That the ride is closer to the start than the end.

Maybe it was the connection felt when I met him the first time. I was drunk and hadn't planned on speaking with him, but when I did, he looked me straight in the eyes with one of the best, most intense dead on stares (as though he was giving his full attention and none of it was fabricated or ungeniuine) and told me he liked my name, that it was his 'Dad's name'. That flawed me in the best way. it was a beautiful moment,one that's stayed with me since. Not jsut meeting a hero, but a lovely guy.

Or maybe it was solely down to the unexpected nature of the news. Seeing Simone live is seeing someone full o' beans and into the music they're making. giving they're all and really feeding off the crowd and moment. He's a spry mothefucker. One I think few folks would suspect to be going round with a poor heart.

I don't know. Whatever the reason, the reaction was a strong one. If anything it only clarified, affirmed and drummed home how much this mans music and words has meant to me. Like a young man hippy Dylan. I didn't think anyone lse would knock me out with their words like Big Bobby D. Guess I was wrong.

So finding out the surgery was a success was unquestionably great news, and then fnding out he played on stage with his brothers 2 weeks post surgery was a little bit brilliant :) There are new records and a novel on the way. So with a sincerity text can't really put accross, I say Godbless Simone Felice, and 'Long may you run...'